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Monterail Ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe (And Other Perks of 2016)

Obviously, January is a month for setting new goals and making big plans for the following year. At Monterail, it’s also time for retrospections and summaries. We’re looking closer at last year’s goals, challenges, successes, and failures, trying to find some conclusions as well as lessons for upcoming months. You know the concept. Here, we outline the most significant changes, updates, and news from Monterail’s life. Hope you enjoy it!

Decoupling models and workflow

​Workflow or aasm gems are best-known and most well-proven state-machine solutions in the Ruby world. I had the chance to work with both of them and found the experience pleasing. Today I'm going to concentrate only on the latter. I encourage you to check both and decide what best suits your needs.

Hiring a Marketing Person for a Software Company. Lessons Learned

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Written by Szymon Boniecki, Karolina Gawron, Marta Klimowicz on in marketing

Have you started a software company with no professional marketing background? At some point realised your business finally needs a skilled and dedicated marketing person or even a team to grow? But quickly after you also realised you don’t know how to properly find a good match for a brand that you’ve been so tirelessly looking after?

If this...

IoT Healthcare App: Heartbeat detector using phone camera.

How it’s begun ?

A few months ago I bought a smartband. The main idea being prosaic - I wanted to receive notifications from a smartphone as well as have a good pedometer. A few weeks after the purchase, the same company came out with a new version of the device that included one great feature… a heartbeat detector.

*I would not be a true ...