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ISTQB: How to become a certified tester within two weeks

Having established workflows and knowledge how to make things done, a question about increasing qualifications and certifying the workers arises. Undeniably, the quality is one of the main targets in each development cycle both for the agency and the customer. It's obviously not just a QA's job to provide that, but having one increase you chances of success. During the investigation of the software quality certifying market, we came across different options. ISTQB satisfied us the most.

Quality Assurance Basics. Proper QA for your Agile projects

Why do we do this?!

People make mistakes. No matter how accurate we are, no matter how much we try, when working on modern, complex applications misunderstandings and misconceptions are embedded into our daily work. The key to success is to make sure that we have skills and processes in place to detect and eliminate those as soon as possible. Th...

Let’s talk about Front-End QA

When you're an experienced front-end developer, it takes just one look and few mouse clicks to judge whether or not the site in your browser is correctly implemented. By working on these problems day after day, you'll write dozens of lines of HTML/CSS, checking the outcome each time.

Over time some develop an intuition and utilise it effectively ...