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How to visualize complex, real-time IoT data: Design and UX principles

What we’ve discovered on our way, is that design and UX is one of the most critical parts of any IoT project. I mean, one thing is to collect some cool data from your devices, another is to visualize it and make it accessible for a user. In this blog post, we will discuss how to merge the design world with IoT to visualize complex real-time data.

Monterale Breweree: How we merge passion of brewing beer with IoT

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Written by Paweł Hawrylak, Damian Dulisz, Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz on in iot ux design brewing


There are people that like to drink beer.

Then, there are people that like to taste beer. People that can tell the difference between different kinds of water, hops, malts and yeasts. Perfectly balanced, those basic ingredients can form fabulous, unexpected flavour combinations.

![Magic of Beer](

UX of teamwork

Everyday there are questions to be asked

Back-end and front-end developers, PMs, UX and UI designers — we use and we make technology. This business inevitably experiences ebbs and flows giving us new highs and lows; as a result, we sometimes lose sight of the most important technology that will ever exist — teamwork. And the most important fact...

Digit is not a Number

There is a well known thesis saying that “the language we use, shapes the world we live in.” It’s almost common knowledge nowadays, but still every now and then it comes to us as a surprise. Most often it comes from the gap between a very loose way we use some words every day and their precise meaning in science e.g. Information Theory.