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Jan Dudulski Jan Dudulski November 25th, 2015

So you are a young developer. You are close to or have already finished your studies and decided to get your first job. You will start working in a team - that’s the main difference between the job which you will be paid for and projects made at home or ones for educational purposes. A team will consist of two or probably more people (we at Monterail...

Our testimonials

In working with them for several years, I have found the Monterail team to be composed of dedicated, reliable and fast designers, web developers and engineers. They are also creative and easy to work with.

I recommend them highly for your web and mobile development projects.

Mike Grishaver’s photo
Mike Grishaver
Product Manager at LinkedIn, San Francisco

From the outset Monterail made the development process easy. Their proposal was clear and straightforward and they delivered to their word. Their design skills are awesome and the products they have built have been excellent. Solid & Winged? Absolutely.

Alan Buxton’s photo
Alan Buxton
CTO Procurement at Xchanging, London

Monterail delivers high quality of code for a competitive pricing. Furthermore the team combines multiple competences thus you get development options for your product development that would not be possible with one or two inhouse coders.

When working with Monterail on the monitoring application for ZeroMQ networks, I’ve expected the work—as is the common case in the industry—to take longer than estimated and cost some 30% more. It turned out that Monterail was able to beat the estimate, which allowed us to take advantage of the spare time and give extra polish to the product with no additional cost.

On behalf of Cooleaf, I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank the crew at Monterail for the great work. We have been a client for a little over a year now and have been very happy with both the quality of the development and support/service we receive.

We look forward to growing our partnership in the future!

Healthspottr has used Monterail for our website and application design and development since 2009.

We are a small, yet fast-growing operation. We have increasingly dynamic support needs, but limited resources. Despite these constraints, and the complication of geography, Monterail’s team members have been patient, flexible and competent, delivering to us work commitment and quality of service that often exceeds our expectations.

Our development has not been without hiccups, but it continues to be rewarding and learning experience for us. Not one of our peer start-ups can say this about their own development partner.