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IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona 2016

The event

A while ago three members of our IoT team recently had a chance to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona in order to participate in one of the best known and most exciting IoT events this year - IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona. As regular IoT events attendees we wanted to share with you our thoughts (and show you some great photos...

Rethinking validations for Vue.js

The popular approach

There are already good validator libraries dedicated for Vue.js like vue-validator or vee-validate.

Both those libraries work quite similarly in that they require you to write the rules inside the template. Often this is all you actually need for your application. Let’s take a look at this example from vee-validate:


Communication challenges in Agile Project Management

Communication is a key element of the majority of actions undertaken in both private and professional life. If we know how to do it efficiently in business, we are able to build a strong brand and gain the attention of our co-workers and – what is more important – our customers.

Therefore it is highly recommended to identify the communication challenges...

The power of email clients: why did we redesign Thunderbird?

No matter what happens in the messaging world, email is here to stay. Slack didn’t kill email. Hipchat didn’t kill email. None of the other applications from this list killed email. And no matter how much we try not to rely on them, we end up using them more and/or in sync with all the new tools that we started using to replace email in the first...

IoT Prototype in 15 minutes


IoT - Internet of Things has been a hot topic in IT industry for some time. It’s currently considered to be the fastest growing market, so why not have a closer look about how to build your first prototype, using cutting edge technologies for creating IoT proof of concept projects.

Build your first prototype using Node-RED, mqtt and...

IoT conferences worth visiting in 2016

We’re in the middle of the 3rd quarter this year and, as always, it will probably pass by extremely quickly. So I decided to take a closer look at some interesting IoT events coming up before we have to get used to typing 2017 instead of 16.

Just Finished, recommended next year

IoT Poland 2016

22–23 September, Poznań Poland


Project Management guide on how to start a Web Development project with a remote team

How to make your relationship last

Starting a project with a new client is a lot like starting a relationship: you went on a few dates and you definitely like each other, but you are still distinct people with a different background and you have to be sure you agree on some fundamental things to make it last. Otherwise sooner or later these dissimilarities...

IoT with Elixir and CoAP part 2: How to easily prototype and build an IoT platform

Michał Podwórny

Written by Michał Podwórny on in iot elixir coap

We are back with the second part of our IoT development series. Please check out the first part for a brief description of the CoAP protocol and introduction to what we are trying to achieve.

Where we are and what we want to do

Let us first summarize what we have done so far. First, we have implemented CoapNode - an Elixir app that mocks software...

Quality Assurance Basics. Proper QA for your Agile projects

Why do we do this?!

People make mistakes. No matter how accurate we are, no matter how much we try, when working on modern, complex applications misunderstandings and misconceptions are embedded into our daily work. The key to success is to make sure that we have skills and processes in place to detect and eliminate those as soon as possible. This...