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Monterale Breweree: How we merge passion of brewing beer with IoT

Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz Damian Dulisz Paweł Hawrylak

Written by Paweł Hawrylak, Damian Dulisz, Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz on in IoT UX Design Brewing


There are people that like to drink beer.

Then, there are people that like to taste beer. People that can tell the difference between different kinds of water, hops, malts and yeasts. Perfectly balanced, those basic ingredients can form fabulous, unexpected flavour combinations.

Magic of Beer

Everybody knows the world-famous citrus aroma of American...

Simple guide to authoring open-source Vue.js components

Vue.js – even though it’s a relatively young library – has a surprisingly sufficient (and regularly growing!) ecosystem. Even though it’s smaller compared to React’s or Angular’s, most of your everyday needs are already covered! No wonder, as Vue.js is a pleasure to work with and I expect it to be crazy big this year!

However, after looking through...

Summary of our Coding Workshops for Women: Geek Girls Carrots helped us achieve something crucial last weekend

This was a really great weekend! Between the 11th and 12th of June 2016, we had the pleasure to host aspiring front-end female participants for an event called Code Carrots #5 HTML & CSS. The plan was to learn how to make basic web stuff together and we did it!


The first idea to organize this workshop with Geek Girls Carrots — an organization...

IoT with Elixir and CoAP part 1: Example on how to easily prototype and build an IoT platform

The number of devices going online grows every day. Connecting them all presents new challenges since IoT hardware is often limited in terms of available resources. Cheap, power-efficient microcontrollers with unreliable power sources have to talk to each other over wireless networks with low throughput and high packet loss rate. They usually use...

Hanami with OAuth

At Monterail we like to try new stuff. We try new languages and new (maybe not so new) frameworks.

Hanami (formerly Lotus) is a Ruby web framework created by Luca Guidi and community.

Probably the most problematic thing for people trying hanami after experience with rails is changing your mind away from the “rails way”. I can write many good things...

State of Internet of Things standards in 2016: In search of the best IoT platform

On the very day that our Internet of Things R&D team held its first meeting, a major news story broke: A group of tech companies, including Qualcomm and Microsoft, had joined the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) – one of the leading standards groups in the IoT world – effectively forming a new entity called the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF...

Front end + design = prototype magic. Advantages of blurring responsibilities

The topic of whether designers should or should not learn to code isn’t actually anything new. The pursuit of creating the web of tomorrow has led to the blurring of lines between front-end and back-end development where the front-end developer has started to become too general. Ever since the popularisation of the AngularJS framework, JavaScript...

Fixed price vs. Time&Materials

One of the main goals of a Project Manager is to maintain a comfortable environment for developers in order to let them do their job in the best way possible.

And even though they don’t seem to relate directly to actual development, contract details often affect not only financial prognosis, but also the everyday work of web-development teams. Let...