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We are a team of avid software experts in the modern web. Enabling your product as an elegant custom software with proven processes, quality code and character.

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6 years worth of product
building skills in a single team

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We build MVPs, deliver web applications using Ruby on Rails & AngularJS and design User Interfaces.

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Mike Grishaver
Mike GrishaverProduct manager, LinkedIn

In working with them for several years, I have found the Monterail team to be composed of dedicated, reliable and fast designers, web developers and engineers. They are also creative and easy to work with. I recommend them highly for your web and mobile development projects.

Alexander Hoffman
Alexander HoffmanHead of Digitization Africa, Merck

I was impressed by Monterail’s services. Unlike other typical software companies, they really wanted to understand the rationale of the project by asking many meaningful questions, in order to be able to deliver the best solution. Their involvement helped us to define a visibly better solution. Working with Monterail feels much more like working with your own team and we are definitely going to continue working with them on our digital solutions for African markets.

Alan Buxton
Alan BuxtonCOO and Founder at MarketMaker4

Monterail acted proficiently: they sent a solid offer and sticked to it until the very end. Complete finishers with great design skills. Helped us shape the final product. Solid & winged, literally.

Sara Maria Spiller
Sara Maria SpillerManaging Director, Manetch

Hiring costs much more than just salaries. It’s an enormous expense for every early-stage company. Monterail’s full-stack development services let us focus on validating our MVP on the market without wasting time and money. Good product design needs sophisticated communication; they provided valuable technical and design expertise that amplified the professionalism of our communication style. I would recommend Monterail to any early-stage startup.

John Duisberg
John DuisbergCo-founder of Cooleaf, Inc.

We’ve worked with Monterail for 5 years now. It’s been a fruitful relationship that allowed us to scale our product without worrying about development. Our customers love Monterail’s design input. They praise the app for being performant and super-slick. Even though we’re based in Atlanta and the pace of development is crazy sometimes, we never had any communication issues with the team in Wrocław. I wouldn’t hesitate to introduce Monterail to anyone who’s got a business similar to ours.

Carleen Hawn
Carleen HawnCEO, Healthspottr

Healthspottr has used Monterail (or its founding partners) for our website and application design and development since 2009. We are a small, yet fast-growing operation. We have increasingly dynamic support needs, but limited resources. Despite these constraints, and the complication of geography, Monterail's team members have been patient, flexible and competent, delivering to us a work commitment and quality of service that often exceeds our expectations. Our development has not been without hiccups, but it continues to be a rewarding and learning experience for us. Not one of our peer start-ups can say this about their own development partner.

Christin Friedrich
Christin FriedrichCEO at Innovestment

Monterail delivers high quality of code for a competitive pricing. Furthermore the team combines multiple competences thus you get development options for your product development that would not be possible with one or two inhouse coders.

Michel Regueiro
Michel RegueiroCEO, Teambook

What impressed me most with Monterail is their commitment and willing to go the extra mile. It's really great to feel they care as much as you do about your project and will work hard to find the right solution. Monterail is truly an extension of our development team.

Stefan Wolpers

A great — agile — culture finds its way into your project. That’s what is most impressing about Monterail. I love working with them!

Daniel Klein
Daniel KleinMember of the Board of Directors, ASmallWorld

Over the years we have worked with several external software companies across the world - it never worked as well as it did with Monterail.




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