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A 4-step Guide To Validate Your Product Idea Without Investing In Development

MVP—a popular concept in the startup community—stands for Minimum Viable Product. It’s a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the market and your potential customers. Clearly, the entrepreneurs from my story thought they can’t validate their ideas without investing in development. But I’m going to show you that building MVPs without coding is possible and that such MVPs can be sold in an attempt to validate almost any market need.

What Design Really Is—An Introduction


Written by Paweł Hawrylak on in design

Frankly, it’s nearly impossible to design a damn thing without asking questions, conducting research, and talking with people. Even when someone gives you an exercise—let’s say “Design a logo”—you don’t start drawing just like that. You start a conversation in your head. You examine what is given to you. You always draw from experience, even when you think that you’re coming up with things on the fly.

Why So Few Women Work in IT and What We Can Do About It

As I was contemplating the problem of few women in IT, I approached my friend Mateusz Sławiński, a Talent Manager here at Monterail. We had a long conversation that yielded some eye-opening (at least for me) conclusions. This blog is more or less a distilled essence of our conversation augmented with research that I had a lot of help with from my female colleagues. Thank you!

5 ways how Agile IoT improves hardware business

​We know that for some people hardware devices plus Agile just doesn’t sum up. Agile may even feel a bit odd for hardware development, with all the tools and processes behind it. The problem is, hardware is often deprived of iterative development and therefore its release may be overwhelmingly stressful (and exciting for sure) for the company developers.

How To Implement White Label And Custom Features

If you've ever been working on an application with a domain concept like organizations I bet you had to struggle with custom features, behaviors​ and complete white labels. Most young fellows start such with the ​if-else construction which quickly can fall into monster-spaghetti. Can we do better?