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ISTQB: How to become a certified tester within two weeks

Having established workflows and knowledge how to make things done, a question about increasing qualifications and certifying the workers arises. Undeniably, the quality is one of the main targets in each development cycle both for the agency and the customer. It's obviously not just a QA's job to provide that, but having one increase you chances of success. During the investigation of the software quality certifying market, we came across different options. ISTQB satisfied us the most.

How to visualize complex, real-time IoT data: Design and UX principles

What we’ve discovered on our way, is that design and UX is one of the most critical parts of any IoT project. I mean, one thing is to collect some cool data from your devices, another is to visualize it and make it accessible for a user. In this blog post, we will discuss how to merge the design world with IoT to visualize complex real-time data.

Let's Encrypt Vault with free SSL/TLS certificate

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. This old truth is surprisingly significant about web development today since it doesn't mention one underestimated topic - security. Without the knowledge and support of proper tools we can easily expose ourselves to security breaches – so today I would like to add two new tools to your toolbelt and show how you can easily use them together.

Speed up your IoT development with ready-to-go middlewares. Round three: IBM Bluemix

In the IoT cloud world, there are few brands that are recognisable at the beginning. IBM BlueMixh is one of them. Moreover, they are one of the pioneers in IoT cloud solutions. They’ve grown to be a platform that has a breadth of functionalities that I have not seen in any competitors. The whole service is split into 12 categories which help in whole system design and navigation in created architecture.