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Turning vision into reality,
step by step

Paweł Hawrylak
Paweł Hawrylak,
Head Of Design Team, UX&UI Designer
As a team we use design as a bridge between clients' expectations, user needs and what is technically possible / feasible. And then we go one step further.

Meet the design team

Błażej Chwoła

Błażej Chwoła

Interaction & Product Designer

Błażej is continuously exploring the limits of various kinds of interaction, such as for example, human vs.nature interactions. Like the time he went camping in the middle of the winter in the snowy mountains. Or his human-computer interactions: he is fond of designing really complicated interfaces. His motto is, 'Happily connecting the dots'.

Paweł Hawrylak

Paweł Hawrylak

Head of Design Team & Designer

Mr Neat. Always chic, thoughtful and warm hearted. An architect by profession, now pursuing a career designing the finest of online products. Avid dancer.

Marcin Janas

Marcin Janas

User Experience & User Interface Designer

Marcin is a great example of a person who is full of passion and plenty of ideas. He spreads contagious enthusiasm, and constantly seeks knowledge at every step. What's more, he likes cars. A lot!

Marzena Kawa

Marzena Kawa

User Interface Designer

Almost as modest as she is talented, Marzena always looks for the best colour match, new ways to visualise ideas and wholehearted chat with peers in the office.

Patrycja Margasińska

Patrycja Margasińska

User Experience Designer

She's known for marking her work area with endless numbers of sticky notes, and designing stuff on every piece of paper she can find. She cares a lot about any project she is busy on, and will move heaven and earth to achieve the best final result. Always kind and willing to help, with thousands of ideas and possible solutions to offer. It is a great pleasure to have everyday discussions with her, both project-related and on any other topic.

Krystian Polański

Krystian Polański

User Experience & User Interface Designer

Krystian, although bearded, is full of energy and inspiration! A designer with tons of knowledge about UX, who is also very helpful and inquisitive, and constantly trying out new tools and ideas to make our lives easier and more convenient.

What we do

01We create

We love to create things. Also, at the end of the day, we need to have some tangible proofs that the work has been done–physical representations of the concepts that we are working on. And we have. Would it be wireframes, prototypes, pixel perfect mockups or detailed animations, we produce something to look at and something to think about out. Something that has meaning and conveys a message.

We create

02We iterate

We don't work in a waterfall approach, because there are no ultimate and singular solutions. There are opinions, there is experience, there is research and there is relentlessness. We are immersed in agile software development, because monterail is a software house, and we take as much value from this fact, as we can. We design fast and we learn fast. This doesn't mean that we don't think, because we do.

03We collaborate with

We collaborate with

Project Managers

We aren't left alone. We don't work remotely from a vacuum to hand out a finished piece. Working face to face, with a diverse group of people, is one of the best things that we have. We don't work in a linear process where designers create things and pass them on to developers. To define a product we discuss with developers and PM's on our side in hopes to get as much design input as possible and with clients and users from the other side. This is a team work. And communication is at utmost importance.

04We communicate

Product creation process is complicated and there are many actors involved — clients, users, designers, front–end developers, back–end developers. Communication is probably the most important activity that we do. Whether it's making clear about what we need to get from other people or what we want others to do, in order to achieve a final goal, it's utterly important how we do it. We need to be precise.

We communicate

05We lab

Design world is in a great place right now and new prototyping tools come up almost every month and we love to test them. We love to play and try new things. We also have an internal space, where we can spend time working on open source projects. Twice a week we spend an hour talking about design. We take pride in this knowledge–sharing space where everyone has a chance to be an expert and help fellow designers or mentor while introducing something new to the team.

We lab

06We evolve

You can be many different people, calling yourself a designer in Monterail. We have more one–man–army designers than specialists, but we value both approaches. Whether you want to kick ass in one field or be a design MacGyver, as long as the end results are stunning, it's fine. We encourage everybody to try different roles and find their sweet spot.

We evolve

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