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Katarzyna Tatomir

Katarzyna Tatomir,  Head of Project Management

Reality doesn’t wait for anyone. Our teams live and breathe highly iterative agile methodologies to release software as often as possible. The best part? Our clients can react to key risks faster.

Katarzyna Tatomir,  Head of Project Management

Meet the project managers team

Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz
Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

Scrum advocate whose good spirit and joy for work are contagious. He builds strong and positive relationships with everyone in his team. Definitely a go-to person for anybody who needs a listening ear, even clients. The only thing that he loves more than the Agile way is Jira, which he often improves in his spare time.

Darya Stepanyan
Darya Stepanyan

In Monterail’s stack of cards, Darya is a jack of all trades. As an engineer she’s a diligent captain of all her projects, with a passion for business and sales. Darya’s energy and curiosity are priceless to her colleagues, who, thanks to her influence, recharge their batteries while exploring Wrocław’s cultural life.

Anna Szoszkiewicz
Anna Szoszkiewicz

Agile expert. These two words describe Anna in the best possible way. She's a real help to her teams, and enthusiastic about any new project management initiatives. And if you want to learn about planning poker or story points, call on Anna, and she will help you to do so, far quicker and easier than expected!

Katarzyna Tatomir
Katarzyna Tatomir

Solid and diligent at Project Management. Her negotiation skills have proven to be an important asset in terms of our day-to-day interaction with business clients. Apart from that, a happy owner of two cats named Burger and Krokiet. Doesn't like tomatoes.

Jan Potoczek
Jan Potoczek

With his endless curiosity and brilliant mind Jan can spot a place for improvement everywhere, making every process more elegant. What's more, after hours he uses his management and teaching experience for charity project for kids!

How we work


Our strong belief in the value of democratic and team-oriented workflow isn’t limited to projects we lead - PMs stick closely together, sharing our experiences - both good and bad, presenting solutions that we hope would make everybody’s lives easier and enable us to grow sustainably. The 20+ projects we manage range from large-scale (team of 7, 2-4 years in progress) to short-term performance improvements done by small teams (1-2 developers). We keep our eyes and ears open to adjust the style of our leadership to the nature of the project, client’s preferences and the individual personalities in the team.


Our style of work probably varies quite a lot from the traditional meaning of a Project Manager, as like among many other tech companies we believe our job first and foremost is to enable each team to work efficiently and independently. Our day-to-day workflow with it’s tools is largely defined by the Agile Manifesto, but when it comes to bigger to picture - we meet on  weekly basis to go through the agenda of current state of projects, internal and external events we need to monitor what improvements we are planning to introduce- or we help each other find one.


Talking about solutions - it’s hard not to try coming up with new inventions, when you’re surrounded by a talented pool of experts, who can literally make almost anything you ask for possible. One of such miracles is our Unicorn App currently in the stage of specification, management application that organizes and compiles information of all projects, their resource requirements, planned rotations and integrations with apps we already have - holidays/remote work schedules, time tracking, etc

Our projects


As we strive to put our experiences into work for better future, we have analyzed the lifecycle our projects to see how the evolution of particular roles shapes up on a timeline. Since our growth has become more dynamic (which we love), we want to ensure that we plan for new coming project as accurately as possible and integrate rotations in as smooth and What is likable way we can. And since we have the best design team on this planet - we fancy our data to come in dead-gorgeous packages.
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