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Katarzyna Tatomir
Katarzyna Tatomir,
Co-Head of Quality Assurance
Quality is not only the state of the application. It’s the codebase, user experience, test coverage, development processes and communication with ourselves and the clients combined together. When everything above is considered excellent, then and only then the Quality Assurance Engineer can be sure that the quality of the project is on the highest level.
Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz
Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz,
Co-Head of Quality Assurance
People make mistakes. No matter how accurate we are, no matter how much we try, when working on modern, complex applications, misunderstandings and misconception are embedded into our daily work. The key to success is to make sure that we have skills and processes in place to detect and eliminate those as soon as possible. This is where QA team comes in.

Meet the quality assurance team

Bartłomiej Mendrela
Bartłomiej Mendrela

He’s called "Bartek the QA da Vinci". Hidden under a bushy haircut, and behind a layer of distance to himself and the world, there’s a peace-loving person interested in art. A pianist, sketcher, ukulele player… and these are just a few of his hidden talents. Very thorough at work, he does his job precisely. His efficient methods consistently produce high quality, client pleasing results. It's a pleasure to work with him.

Denys Plotnikov
Denys Plotnikov

A fun colleague originating from the East. He has dozens of cool stories but...be careful! He can literally kill your best joke with his poker face, just by saying, 'very funny'! One thing he is serious about is not liking jasmine tea.

Paweł Rebeś
Paweł Rebeś

Always interested in anything new. He is ready to tackle any task of any difficulty, even one such as attempting to install the first Android operating system on the newest iPhone xD!

Marcin Wernecki
Marcin Wernecki

Curious and devoted, honest and supportive. These are character features that every QA engineer needs. When you add a great sense of humor and a sophisticated taste in music, you have nearly the whole picture. As far as cons are concerned, there is one: static electricity is NOT his friend! His motto: 'A day without crashing Linux is a day lost'

What we do

We are the youngest of teams in Monterail, and since the essence of our job is to assure quality of Monterail’s applications - we embrace this as an opportunity to build something from a scratch. Diligence is always at heart of all of what we do - no wonder we started organizing our mission with writing a proper QA Handbook that helps us through sunny days of spotless code as well mission-like pre-release routines.

How better to introduce ourselves than through
a Cucumber - one of our favorite tools

Given I'm a Monterail Quality Assurance Specialist
When I want to ensure that specification is clear and consistent

Then I work in a strict cooperation with Product Design team
And I write cucumber scenarios provided by them

And I analyse those scenarios from technical and business perspective
Then I analyse and describe the specification during Scrum events
And I discuss them with development team and our Project Manager on Backlog refinement

And I encourage Product Design team to consider potential improvements and take part in the discussion actively
When I want to validate if scenarios have been understood and implemented correctly

Then I want to work with development team
And test the features in multiple conditions

And use sophisticated tools to check as many scenarios as possible
And help them to read scenarios during development process

When I want to support external QA teams
Then I provide them with detailed list of new features / bug fixes
And I highlight the most critical ones
And I stay in touch with them during the testing process
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