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Software consulting

A fresh pair of eyes and
the right solution are near at hand

What is the best way to own a problem? Why not bring in an expert with a fresh perspective. Expert technical consultants from Monterail review code, analyze product strategy, and help clear up UX / UI problems, and performance issues.

Monterail expertise

Technical ability

Get a comprehensive, and independent review of your code from Monterail’s senior consulting staff. They will make suggestions and explain what needs to be changed.

Is slow page load time a problem? Speed your application up. Performance optimization is a Monterail speciality, thanks to our expertise in JavaScript & AngularJS.

Problem solving

Participate in a product strategy workshop and benefit from the experience we have gained working with numerous clients over the years.

Solve technical problems of all kinds, during a series of our technical specification consulting workshops.

Code quality audits for Ruby on Rails & AngularJS

A second opinion without

Do you need to evaluate code quality, or make a financial decision on whether or not to rewrite your systems? Our consultants’ precise insights will give you an independent basis for the decision making process. Their recommendations will let you review the system quickly by assessing the current state of your Ruby & JavaScript code. Monterail engineers will help you get rid of common development mistakes, define non-trivial architectural and engineering issues, and improve the modeling of your business domain.


Performance optimization analysis for AngularJS apps


If it has come to your attention that your AngularJS app has become noticeably slower, it’s not like you have to live with it forever. Monterail can help you improve your website’s performance, reduce page load time and remove front-end bottlenecks.

If you don’t want to rethink your front-end architecture from scratch, our consultants will look for quick wins, revising the 20% of code causing 80% of slowdowns.

Radek Markiewicz
Radek Markiewicz
Monterail’s Ruby on Rails and JavaScript Developer
Radek Markiewicz

Angular provides a developer with tremendous power, comfort and the possibility to quickly create complicated software, but with great power comes great responsibility. I’d like to share a few non-trivial tips on how to improve Angular’s performance.


Product strategy
& business analysis workshop

Years of engineering experience
at your disposal

Whether you need a new roadmap, or if you just want to see how technology could improve your established value propositions, we’ve got you covered.

Product strategy and business analysis consulting workshops will help you to clearly express your business goals and working assumptions to your engineers. These valuable workshops will help you to identify missing features or discover new ones you could use.

If, on the other hand, you are starting from scratch and don’t have a clear vision yet, wouldn’t it be great to bounce your ideas off somebody who has spent years working on Web development and knows the business inside out?

Schedule a product strategy workshop
and see how our consultant can help you
Explore a business analysis case study
that helped procurement industry client
Product strategy workshop

Challenges and wins, the Teambook example


For many Teambook users, loading time was up to 10 seconds due to a complicated table view. We focused on user impression and went with preemptive loading. Users then perceived page load time as being 58% faster. Overall loading time was 22% faster.

Teambook lets users plan events for multiple users over multiple days with an easy-to-use UI. The downside? Recalculating so much information felt slow and limited Teambook’s capabilities. Achieving a huge win on behalf of Teambook’s most valuable power users, we managed to improve the calendar’s capacity by 400%.

Planning events doesn’t scale well. Even the most basic data, namely, the whos, whens and whats can cause the user interface to suffer from information overload when there are 100-300 events instead of just a few. With 300 events in the calendar, Teambook’s perceived load time, if anybody wanted to edit anything, was 6.2 seconds.  After we finished our work, loadtime was down to 0.8s, a stunning 86% improvement, a sizeable leap forward in performance efficiency.

But we weren’t finished yet. 300 events are difficult to oversee, even for the most efficient managers. Teambook had assisted their users by fitting an exhaustive set of filters. Unfortunately, changing filters was causing the whole page to freeze. The final 102% improvement of filtering time must have felt like a fresh breeze to Teambook’s busiest clients.

Michel Regeuiro
Michel Regeuiro
CEO of Teambook
Michel Regeuiro

What impressed me most with Monterail is their commitment and willingness to go the extra mile. It’s really great to feel they care as much as you do about your project and will work hard to find the right solution. Monterail is truly an extension of our development team.

Get a performance audit
and benefit from consulting like Teambook

Technical specification workshops

Design is how it works

Every once in awhile, you stumble upon a difficult problem. In order to solve it, you have to identify exactly what needs to be done, in order to really fix the problem. To this end, our consultants’ expertise in analyzing and specifying engineering problems will help you clarify your technical requirements, and flesh out the details of everything that needs to be done to solve your technical Web problems.

Furthermore, Monterail provides complete agile specification documents that provide clear definitions of problem features. These will enable your engineers to quickly understand the scope of the work ahead of them, required to solve the software problems.

Solve your problem
with Monterail
Explore the workflow
behind Monterail’s consulting process


Poor specification

Your specification done the Monterail way


Poor specification

Handed off to the team by a domain expert or a business analyst with no explanation other than a short user story.

Specification done the Monterail way

Result of dialog between developers and stakeholders who have made sure they all understand each other.


Poor specification

Heavy. Describes multiple feature solutions that will take months to complete.

Specification done the Monterail way

Lean. Prepared right before the feature hits development to prevent sluggish handovers, and to increase efficiency and collaboration.


Poor specification

Dated. Poor specification documents that stop being relevant over time because of feature changes or fixes added over time.

Specification done the Monterail way

Dynamic. Problem specification done the Monterail way always stays up to date by having built-in mechanisms that prevent dating.


Poor specification

Intermittent. The system requires a long testing phase to determine requirement compliance.

Specification done the Monterail way

Continuous. Tests are baked into a specification document. The interval between a test’s failure and a fix should be as short as possible.

Level of abstraction

Poor specification

Vague. The specification document creates a translation cost between business and delivery. Features have to be split into smaller chunks by your developers.

Specification done the Monterail way

Concrete. Monterail specs allow engineers to produce working code as quickly as possible to shorten the duration of the feedback loop between design and implementation.

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