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Summary of our Coding Workshops for Women: Geek Girls Carrots helped us achieve something crucial last weekend

This was a really great weekend! Between the 11th and 12th of June 2016, we had the pleasure to host aspiring front-end female participants for an event called Code Carrots #5 HTML & CSS. The plan was to learn how to make basic web stuff together and we did it!


The first idea to organize this workshop with Geek Girls Carrots —...

Front end + design = prototype magic. Advantages of blurring responsibilities

The topic of whether designers should or should not learn to code isn’t actually anything new. The pursuit of creating the web of tomorrow has led to the blurring of lines between front-end and back-end development where the front-end developer has started to become too general. Ever since the popularisation of the AngularJS framework, JavaScript...

Front-trends 2015


These days, being a front-end developer isn't easy. The time when our work was mostly writing HTML, CSS and some jQuery is long over. Hardly a month passes without a new JavaScript framework, new tools to ease our work, new template engines, new preprocessors, you name it. Is this bad? Well, in some ways it is, but this is more a si...

6 Tips for a Responsive Angular Application

As a web developer, there inevitably comes a time when we have to add responsiveness to an application. I've found some solutions that may help you. Some of them are pretty basic, but I hope you find them to be helpful.

PS. Every example below is written in CoffeeScript, SASS or SLIM.

1. Media queries

This is the simplest solution that every...

Let’s talk about Front-End QA

When you're an experienced front-end developer, it takes just one look and few mouse clicks to judge whether or not the site in your browser is correctly implemented. By working on these problems day after day, you'll write dozens of lines of HTML/CSS, checking the outcome each time.

Over time some develop an intuition and utilise it effectively ...