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Ruby on Rails development

Build the perfect Ruby on Rails & AngularJS application to keep moving your business forward

Merging business with technology

In the world eaten by software, business is not just about doing deals. Today, success in business means having great products powered by amazing software application engineering.

If you are dreaming of what is next for your company, Monterail can help you realize those dreams. The result will be more than just a website. It will be a unique blend of incredible programming know-how that innovatively showcases your company’s core capabilities.

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Monterail's expertise

Business software development


Hire Monterail experts and Web developers who are experienced in highly specialized B2B markets.

Custom web applications

Whether you need regulatory compliance or not, know that we will absolutely commit to attaining a full understanding of your market, and to providing the exact development design products you need.

Scaling our services and your application as you grow

Employ an easily scalable team that thoroughly adjusts to your organization, we provide just as many Ruby and JavaScript developers, and all the design experts that you need.

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Cutting-edge stack

Our app building tools include

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Ruby on Rails

Facilitates enterprising business and utility innovations by building advanced agile apps that are fully compliant with today’s technically advanced and ever-changing world, all using the RoR framework.


Enables user enjoyment of swift front-end applications for browsers, built on the efficient AngularJS framework.

Engineering quality

Reduce management complexity with code architecture suited to your scale by specialized teams of backend and front-end developers.

The efficiency of our stack is just one of the reasons why Monterail is in a position to produce quality apps for our clients. Furthermore, our cutting edge stack lineup enables us to help our clients with apps that reduce management complexity through quality code architecture that is carefully designed to suit client and end-user needs.

We aim to work smart for super efficient app products; all written by quality backend, and front-end developers.

2017-style web development services for B2B products

Business-driven development

In the real world scenario, software helps all kinds of people in diverse industries such as medicine, public administration or finance. However, computer science courses do not teach would be programmers and designers how banks, or the stock exchange markets organize their internal workflow.

Nevertheless, these days thanks to diverse, adaptable and technologically advanced Web applications, the above diversity of business organizations also want to utilize the cloud, or the SaaS model to operate their businesses more efficiently on the Web. All of these players also need to ensure that their Web domain will be well-understood by their end-users.

Enter Monterail’s business-driven software development services. Over the years, we have built a rock-solid process for enterprise-style business analysis and project management. To this end, and in order to engineer meaningful applications, our development experts are driven to gain an excellent and pervasive understanding of the client’s business and equally require an accurate profile of the client’s customers.

Consequently, Monterail ensures that they offer only the best of Web access to business enterprise everywhere. Any business, these days, can enjoy the benefits of custom made Web application development on a whole new level, where the app is fully customized to the exact specifications and needs of the client user and their end-users.

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Make work easier with rich Rails and AngularJS applications

Diamond with hands

Solid & winged

What never changes is that every company needs a carefully engineered mix of stability and flexible innovation and uniqueness. As a flexible foundation for future development, our powerful and reliable backends will let you do more than ever before, while also giving you access to a world of powerful innovate-as-you-go applications software technology. We like to think this is a very stable approach to the future.

Not only are backends state of the art, the rest of the application will also be tailored specifically to your needs. In case of a decentralized product family, you might want to go with microservice architecture. When it comes to vivid real-time websites, the AngularJS framework will bring your full-size front-end application to life in a fraction of the time traditionally thought necessary.

In short, if you inform Monterail of just what it is that you have in mind for your business, we will get you the perfect stack for your perfect app.

Add tech expertise when you need it

Moving forward, for you and with you

Let’s say you want to start your Web design project with developers only. We are happy to oblige. Now imagine that, a few months after your initial launch, you have to redesign your application. Fantastic, we can do that, too. Just let us know what you need at the moment, and we will get the ball rolling in the right direction, and if you want more pace, bounce or spin on the ball, we will gladly arrange that for you while we are on the job.

Trust us, a choice to cooperate with us gives you the benefit of a full stack web development team and a swift development process, enabling adaptation to new markets quickly.

In the light of the above, why not think of your website the way your customers think about your services. Influential customers always want an end-to-end solution, because one whole product is easier to manage than several decentralized ones. Clearly, this principle applies to your Web app requirements too. So, roll up and roll out a Monterail bootstrapped Web app, developed from end-to-end using powerful and seamless technology.


Delivering quality, fast


And matching the distance and services you need in outrageous style

It is true to say that a lot of people think you cannot preserve quality without sacrificing agility, and that you cannot move fast without also breaking things. Additionally, it is incredible that some still think it possible to analyze and estimate the design of a project within 10 minutes, before assembling a gang of programmers for a single gig to make it all happen. Unfortunately, the fact is that after this sort of gig, you’ll be spending the rest of your money on rework and maintenance costs.

In contrast, however, more and more, this doesn’t have to be true in your case. Web development is not a zero-sum game anymore. Not if you use peer review, testing automation and short development cycles.

We are hackers and developers, salvaging the ill advised and unprofitable development efforts of previous design generations, and using what you already have to build with quality and vigour on a foundation of design fundamentals.

In fact we begin by making solid design decisions, using thorough going task analysis and planning phases, then implement ideas in the pursuit of agreed upon goals, according to the great software engineering techniques and efficient code architecture that never goes out of fashion.

Furthermore, we offer a distinct design advantage, namely, stacks of new industry-leading tools for the development, testing, deployment, and quality assurance of your Web apps. The end product is the creation of class modern apps, and the concomitant design innovation, updates and after sales services of a stable business partner.

Our advice is to minimize maintenance and rework costs. A smart new way to work is to think in terms of continuous innovation and ongoing development in cooperation with a design company willing and ready to stay with you for the long run, committed to meeting your Web software and design needs for just as long as you have them.

Mike Grishaver
Mike Grishaver
Product manager, LinkedIn
Mike Grishaver

In working with them for several years, I have found the Monterail team to be composed of dedicated, reliable and fast designers, web developers and engineers. They are also creative and easy to work with. I recommend them highly for your web and mobile development projects.

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