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UX/UI design for web, mobile and tablets

Design is thinking made visual

In this age of app driven economics, to gain traction against competitors, your application has to really stand out. The creation of a standout application requires phenomenal attention to detail and an absolute passion for user friendly aesthetics that will make the user experience memorable and enjoyable from the very first moment.It must have great design in its DNA.

If great design is both how it looks and how it works, then great design is in our DNA, too. From the start, Monterail’s design team have combined state of the art design technology with a love of the artistry of design efficiency.

In fact, we strive for design that, in the words of Saul Bass, is “thinking made visual.”

UI Design tools

Monterail's expertise


We clarify your business requirements and, with our design team’s scrupulous use of the Specifications Analysis Method, we maintain the product vision, even in the heat of battle.


We help set the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for your app product, after carefully analyzing the motives of your users, with our user journey map analysis tools.


We test your assumptions about your real-world app users on interactive prototypes and wireframes.


We flesh out the major features of your app, as our designers help you define the product’s architecture.


We expedite product development, once user stories and user scenarios have been examined and thoroughly thought through.


We stay years ahead of your competition, thanks to the design prowess that produces beautiful user interfaces, revealing a touch of the Monterail design magic, every time.

Responsive web design in an ever-connected world

Readable, universal, fluid

Convenience is king. To meet your customers wherever they are, whether on a desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone, your app must be optimized for any device they may use. Nowadays, businesses often meet both their customers and their employees on their personal smart devices. Don’t get left behind! It is imperative for your app product to have improved mobility and inter-device compatibility. As a result, Monterail’s design team approaches the design of every application with the rules of Responsive Web Design (RWD) at the forefront.

RWD design

Data visualization for your business

Quantitative, visual, stylish.

Data Visualization example

Communication is key. Big data has forced businesses to emphasize efficient and meaningful data visualisation. By presenting information visually, it is far easier to get a clearer overview of your company’s performance, and to easily manage complex data flows, and consequently see important issues hidden behind the data.

Our UX & UI team work in sync with front-end and backend teams to ensure the smoothest user experience possible by managing, presenting and exploiting complex flows of data – so you could see more.

Dashboard design tailored to your product

Precision, control, news.

Dashboards take many forms. Sometimes the dashboard must be a source of all the news you want, in one place. Sometimes it has to provide a smart overview of all the critical aspects of your activities. And sometimes a glance at the dashboard is a quick way to ensure that everything is in order, and that there is nothing to worry about.

In short, every product needs a tailor made dashboard.  We believe that each application should perfectly reflect the needs of the client user, because every user has unique needs, goals, outcomes and tastes. What will your dashboard be?

How will your business needs, vision and aspirations sculpt your application dashboard?

Climb aboard with Monterail and together we can push back the envelope of possibility, and raise the horizon of your Webosphere influence.

Dashboard Interface icon

Beautifully clean wireframes & mockups

Smart, thoughtful, collaborative.

Wireframes & Mockups design process

There is only one way to build your dream application: make a start.  Only from this point onwards is it possible to see how your idea really works, listen to feedback, and find ways to improve its design.

So let’s get started. Let’s draw. Let’s sketch. Let’s get the ideas out of your head and onto the screen with the help of our thoroughbred and user friendly UI & UX designers.

Lightning fast prototyping

Quick, interactive, real.

The modern technological landscape changes so quickly that you simply can’t afford inefficient communication, or to lose precious ideas, quashed through neglect.

You need to learn early and often.

In this connection, it is over time and by experience that we have learned that best product outcomes are achieved through prototyping as much as possible.  This is effective as it allows for the testing of assumptions regarding the product market fit, which at the end of the day, helps avoid errors and the false assumptions that would cost valuable time, and potentially vast quantities of money.

At Monterail, we’ve worked with multiple startups and innovative businesses for years to gather a prototyping know-how that could benefit your company. Get in, and fasten your seat belt, the ride can be exhilarating, fast and full of evolutionary convolution.

Lean prototype

The process

In order to design a state of the art application, we first strive to understand every business goal and exigency behind it. Your cooperation will be crucial, as without your knowledge and input, our insights may at times be akin to speculation.

We deeply believe that design isn’t just crafting a pretty interface. In our dictionary, design is a holistic method of thinking about a product, built on a firm foundation of intensive business analysis, user research and exhaustive experience.


Product Design workshops

The process begins with a workshop aimed at understanding the what of your business needs and what potential users want. The two don’t necessarily always concur. The goal of the workshop is, therefore, to take the best of both worlds and find the middle ground in the most gracious and graceful way possible.

To this end, we’ll look for unbiased and reasonable trade offs, producing the best possible win-win scenarios. We’ll ask questions. We’ll want details. We’ll try to analyze every possible side of the business and design problems we are faced with.

The project’s scope

The aim is to finish the above workshop phase with a shared understanding of the purposes and the shape of your proposed application.

From this point forward, the talk gives way to real action: wireframes, mockups, user stories, and flowcharts showing user journeys appear, and all of these will help you to get a better overview and understanding of your product’s parameters.

Very quickly, your initial idea has become a project that is not just an idea anymore. The work has started, and it is right and almost impossible not to become excited with a growing sense of anticipation.

An iterative process

Throughout the project’s duration, our UX/UI designers iterate the user interface of your application. At the same time they keep an eye on the overall vision, maintain a coherent product structure, and monitor Key Performance Indicators.

The design team works alongside development team, to flesh implementation details out, while also considering possible future requirements and possible additional new features. Iteration by painstaking and exciting iteration, together we close in on the goals set out in the initial planning phase.

The process is dynamic, the synergy advantageous, and progress, although sometimes in slow and tiny steps, may at other times gallop forward in giant leaps.

Alan Buxton
Alan Buxton
COO and Founder at MarketMaker4
Alan Buxton

Monterail acted proficiently: they sent a solid offer and sticked to it until the very end. Complete finishers with great design skills. Helped us shape the final product. Solid & winged, literally.

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